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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

5/18/17 ASRT Meeting, Bessemer Library

TOPIC:  Adult Summer Reading Programs

Shannon, Hoover
Lisa, Gardendale
Deidre, Bessemer
Kelly, Springville Road
Maura, Trussville
Debbie, Leeds

Although we were few in number, we had a great discussion about our various takes on an adult summer reading program.  Everyone present, except Trussville, is integrating an adult summer reading program.  Trussville is in the process of moving and have referred their patrons to other area libraries.

*If you are located close to Trussville, Maura Davies will be glad to receive your summer reading programs or calendars to share with their patrons -- a library presence is expected to remain somewhere in Trussville.

BPL, Vestavia Hills and Hoover are all using the software Beanstack to keep track of summer reading for both children and adults.  This is the first year for Hoover to use the software and they are using both the online method and paper logs (which our patrons are used to).  Springville Road and other BPL branches are not issuing paper logs and employees must enter a patrons information if patrons are unable to do so themselves.  Vestavia Hills is also just working with Beanstack.  With Beanstack, varying levels of analytics can be pulled from the librarian's side.  From the patron's side, it gives the added bonus of readers advisory -- again for any audience.

Bessemer uses Google Docs.  According to Lori Poe, they created a form within Google Docs to allow patrons to register for summer reading via their website.  Patrons can click the link and fill out the information themselves.  The information on the form is automatically loaded on an Excel form that can be printed  or saved for keeping records.  This might present a low cost effort for smaller or struggling libraries.

Most all libraries represented give out weekly prizes and grand prizes.  Gardendale offers 5 different gift baskets and patrons enter their name/number into the one they want to win.  For Bessemer and Hoover, patrons get one slip for every five books read.  At Springville Road, they give one slip for every book read.

Other unique things done that other libraries may want to adopt:
1.  Springville Road purchased a screen printing device. Patrons bring their own t-shirt and it is screened using one color, then patrons come back to color the shirt with fabric paint.  Evidently, the machine can be purchased for as low as $50.
2.  Hoover has found that gift cards for both groceries and gasoline are VERY popular with adults and it doesn't matter how much they are for.  These are highly coveted.
3.  Most libraries are doing at least two adult programs geared towards the theme of "Build a Better World."  It is easiest when the theme is a good one and the adults can utilize the same theme.
4.  Here's Hoover Library's YouTube video...

ALSO discussed:  Sewing in the Library...
Kelly at Springville Road said they have acquired several sewing machines for ongoing adult programs.  Evidently, through Bib & Tucker Cooperative ( you can purchase reconditioned machines for as low as $25.  Liability was discussed as it is something to consider.

NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, July 20, 10 am, downtown at BPL's Southern History department.
TOPIC:  Professional Development

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